Terms & conditions (subject to change)

Who we are

Luxury Competitions UK is a UK-based online competition company that specializes in offering prizes online to be won in accordance with UK gambling regulations and the terms and conditions below.

Each entrant must be 18 years of age and over

It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure they are lawfully able to enter our competitions within their country or region.

When taking part in any of our competitions it is the entrant’s responsibility to carefully read over our terms and conditions. In order to participate, it is understood that you agree to these terms and conditions and are bound by them by English law.


Each competition is run under the regulations of the ‘ Gambling act 2005 ‘ as Prize competition’s – To enter each entrant must play our game of skill, usually a question relating to each competition prize. Only the entrants which answer correctly will be entered into the competition however you will still be charged. Once a competition is closed all entrants who answered correctly will go into a live draw

Each entrant must purchase a ticket or tickets, there will be a maximum number of tickets each entrant may purchase per competition, this will be stated in the details of each campaign.

Ticket options and prices will vary with each competition held by the promoter, Luxury Competitions UK.

The number of tickets sold will vary in each competition.

Once an entrant has selected the number of tickets required, they will then be required to take part in our game of skill, where each entrant must take part in a small quiz and give a correct answer in order to be entered into our competition.

Once an entrant has completed the quiz, they will then be asked to enter their personal details including their full name, address, contact number, and email address.  Entrants will then be prompted to pay.

How to enter

Payment is taken securely via our payment processor. All payment details are held and protected solely by the payment processor. Once each entrant has input all their personal details and payment details they must agree to all terms and conditions as given by the promotor Luxury Competitions UK.

Once entered Each entrant will then receive a confirmation email from the promoter, Luxury Competitions UK, to confirm their entry into the competition.

The promoter reserves the right to refuse entry or disqualify an entrant for
A) Incomplete entries
B) Improper use of the website
C) False or invalid information given

Each competition will run for a specific period, which will be made clear at the time of entering the competition and will be visible by a timer on each competition page.

*The time of the competition may be amended if the following occurs:

  • If the competition goes over the expected end date, the promotor Luxury Competitions UK will extend for a further 7 days
  • If all tickets sell before the specified time, the draw will be announced earlier.
  • If tickets are not sold by the specified time or the extended time is given, it is the promoter’s responsibility to decide to end the competition at the current amount of tickets sold or to extend the competition until more/all tickets have been sold.
  • If the number of tickets sold doesn’t cover the cost of the prize a cash alternative will be offered in accordance with the number of tickets sold.Free Postal entry
    To enter any of our competitions via postal entry entrants must first register an account with Luxury Competitions UK online. Be 18 year of age or over, send a postcard containing:- the competition you would like to enter, the answer to the quiz on the selected competition, your full name, email address, contact number, and home address to World of Luxury ltd, 5 police st, Manchester, M2 7LQ – Your entry must arrive before the competition has closed in order for us to enter you into the draw. Postal entries must be pre-paid and sent 1st or 2nd class. Postal entries are limited to 1x free entry per person, per competition. Once we have received your entry you will receive a confirmation via email which will contain your order number and entry for the draw. If there is an error with your postal entry the promoter ‘ Luxury Competitions UK’ will automatically dismiss your entry and the customer will not be notified as it is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure everything is correct. Postal entries ‘Are not’ eligible for access into the Mini competitions for ‘Free tickets’ as per ours terms stated above, each entrant is entitled to one free entry.

Each prize will be different. Luxury Competitions UK currently runs competitions for luxury watches; however, each month the promoter may launch a mini competition where other luxury prizes will be available.

Each prize is guaranteed authentic and will come with a valuation or receipt, authenticated by a third party company.

In Luxury watch competitions, some items may be unworn or used or been purchased on a second-hand margin invoice. They are therefore classed as preowned.

Luxury Competitions UK only chooses excellent condition watches that have previously been inspected by a third party and are in full working order.

Luxury Competitions UK does NOT offer any warranty on any of the items in their competitions. In some cases, the items may still have the manufacturer’s warranty.

Element of skill

Each competition will consist of entrants taking part in our ‘element of skill’ quiz or game. The quiz will relate to the competition prize. Only entrants who have answered the quiz correctly will be entered into our live draw to win a prize. Payment will still be taken as part of the competition entry.

The Draw

The draw will be announced once all the tickets for the competition have sold, or as mentioned *, above, the draw may be announced earlier or later than the specific draw date originally stated.

All entrants who give a correct quiz response will be entered into the live draw. Our main competition draws will be conducted by either randomdraws.com or random.org both verified companies which select a winner at complete random.  All main competition draws will be shown live on our social media page/s for anyone to watch, to ensure a non-biased, fair draw.


The winner of the competition will be contacted immediately by either email or telephone from the details provided on entering. If the details given are incorrect or the promoter is not able to contact the winner within 3 days, the promoter, Luxury Competitions UK, reserves the right to conduct a re-draw and select a new winner.

Luxury Competitions UK aims to deliver each prize by hand. If this is not possible, for whatever reason, the prize will be shipped to the winner via FedEx or Royal Mail special delivery depending on the value of the item**

It is the winner’s responsibility to check whether there is duty or tax to be paid on arrival of the prize is shipped ( this is only applicable to international entries )

Once the prize is delivered or shipped, Luxury Competitions UK will not be responsible for any costs or charges.

Luxury Competitions UK does not accept returns on any items.

Luxury Competitions UK can also offer a cash alternative to the prize. This may or may not be of the same value as the prize. It is Luxury Competitions UK’s right to propose the amount of the cash offer amount to the winner of each competition.

Cash prizes will be sent using direct bank transfer.

Under these terms and conditions, it is the right of Luxury Competitions UK to take/ use pictures and videos of the winner receiving their prize for promotional use. This media will be used online and on social media platforms.

If as mentioned at **, above, the prize has to be shipped to the winner, the winner commits to provide images or videos of the winner opening the prize. These images or videos will be used by Luxury Competitions UK online and on social media platforms for promotional purposes.

The winner must provide a copy of their photo identification, for example, a passport or driving license.

The promoter Luxury Competitions UK reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any point. All entrants will be notified of any changes and would have to accept these new changes to be entered into our competitions or stay entered in a competition if already taking part.

Luxury Competitions UK currently works from the offices at 5 Police St, Manchester, M2 7LQ and is now a registered company under WORLD OF LUXURY LIMITED – Company number 12529840